Current Affairs

Economy, General Socio-Economic & Banking, Insurance, Defence and National Security, Committees/Commissions, Agreement, Summit/Meet/Visit, National, International, Personalities, Place in News, Sports and Culture, New Appointments/Election, Awards and Honour, List of Important Days, Science and Technology, Books and Authors, Abbreviation, Business Terminology and Miscellaneous.

Computer Awareness

History of Computer, Early Electronic Computers, Computer Generations, Definition-Computer, Input, Processing, Output, Storage, Elements of a Computer, Hardware, Memory, Rom, Input and Output Devices, Software, Characteristics of Computer, Advantages and Disadvantages, Classification of Computers, Super Computers, Mainframe Computer, Mini Computer, Microcomputers, Windows, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power-Point, Short Cut Keys, Computer Terminology and Miscellaneous.

Banking Knowledge

Reserve Bank of India (Rbi), Banking System In India, Scheduled Commercial Banks In India, Plastic Money, Global Player In Credit Card Market, Standard Segregation of Credit Cards, Money Transfer, Foreign Banks In India, Co-Operative Banks In India, The Regional Rural Banks, Capital, Important Commercial Institutions, The Investing Institutions, Resources,  Banking History at a Glance.

Marketing Knowledge

Nature and Scope of Marketing, Definition of Marketing, Types of Goods, Understanding Marketing Mix, The Marketing Planning Appraisal Process, Market Segmentation Defined, Marketing Research, Market Demand, Market Forecast, Socio-Cultural Influence, Participants in the Buying Process, Learning Objectives of Managing Products Life Cycle, Importance of Marketing, International Trade, Organizational Structure, International Market, Consumer Behaviour, Buyer Behaviour, Business Market, Buyer Decision Process, E-Commerce, Market Segmentation, Stages of Stragies Alternatives, Ethics of Marketing, Categories of Marketing Purpose, Types of Organizational Structures, Features of Marketing, Service Marketing, Categories of Pricing Analysis, Strategies Involved Characteristics, Maintainance Factor, Decision Categories, Types of Wholesales, Advertising, Planning Model, Information Technology, Electronic Networks, Internet Marketing and Miscellaneous.

Test of Clerical Aptitude

Matching the Address, Coding, Arrangement of Words in alphabetical order, Classification, Data Interpretation and Statement and Conclusions.