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Reasoning ability section of bank exam is meant to test their logical and analytical thinking ability. Answering the reasoning ability question right requires mental alertness, quick and accurate thinking. CSB, one of the best bank exam coaching center in Chennai conduct session to train their students on approaching reasoning ability questions in the right way so as to be able to answer the question right in no time.

Reasoning plays a pivotal role as it probes the candidate’s logical and analytical abilities. The Logical Reasoning questions test the basic intelligence and aptitude of the candidate. The main difference between reasoning and a traditional test is that reasoning tests your inherent capacity to solve problems while a traditional test is a test of your acquired knowledge. The problems may appear in the form of letters, words, patterns, and pictures or in any other form suitable for the purpose. Reasoning is generally not taught as a regular subject in any college or university. That is why majority of students are reluctant or at a loss to comprehend the problems.

A majority of questions are based on common sense and verbal ability. It is essential to understand the ‘crux’ of the question while solving these questions. Mental alertness, quick and accurate thinking, keen observation and in-depth knowledge of interplay of key words are required to successfully solve a test of reasoning. Questions in the paper can be classified into two types.

1. Verbal Reasoning
2. Nonverbal Reasoning


New Word Formation, Alphabet Letter Series, Relative Distance Between Pairs of Letters, Numbers/Words/Letters Arrangement, Jumbled Letter/Number/Symbol Series, Letters and Numbers & Symbols Series, Analogy, Classification, Code based on English Alphabet, Code consisting of Digits, Code consisting of a group of words/numbers, Code consisting of meaningful word, Code consisting of symbols, Number Sequence, Ranking/Arrangement, Distance and Direction, Schedule Day/Date/Time, Blood Relation, Symbols & Notations, Equality/Inequality, Logical Venn-Diagram, Syllogism, Problem Solving, Data Sufficiency, Analytical Decision Making, Statement and Assumption, Statement and Argument, Course of Action, Evaluating–Inferences, Statement and Conclusions, Inputs, Miscellaneous, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Miscellaneous.

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