Classroom coaching starts with Basic Math fundamentals and short-cut method using Vedic mathematics.Vedic mathematics takes this fact into account and reduces large calculations involving many numbers with the help of formulae so that calculations can be quicker than the quickest and more accurate.A quick refresher and shortcut method to solve Reasoning Ability and English Language.

Well arranged collection of General Awareness and Computer Awareness study material.Section wise regular test for developing your working speed and accuracy.To prepare students for a high score level periodic tests will provide practice required for speed and accuracy.Every chapter starts with approach session, Illustrative Examples having detail and quick explanation and Class Exercise with hints and answers.

Every year thousands of students aspire for job in the booming Banking Sector but a select few make the grade. “CSB” gives extra edge required for success.We believe the difference between a candidate who succeeds in Banking Exam and a candidate who doesn’t is simply a matter of attitude. A smart attitude separates the winners from the statistics! How are you going to solve a problem in less than a minute? Your schooling won’t help… neither will your college degree.We can teach you how to solve a question in 30 – 40 seconds.

You won’t believe what these speeds can do to your scores until you see for yourself! The specialized tests… let the specialists show you how to beat the clock! Our courses are tailored to meet individual needs. Just give us your size and we’ll attire you for the challenge!.Continuous evaluation of unique “Objective–Multiple-Choice-Type”, speed tests to increase your working speed and accuracy in all sections of the test with performance monitoring of scores.Once the student is trained with speed and accuracy in all sections, continuously Five-Model Exam will be conducted with OMR Answers Sheets.

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